An urgent contract deadline

In this case we were approached by an organisation completely new to us – an international insurance loss adjusting and risk management services company.

We’d been recommended to them by the ICSA, and were presented with an urgent requirement. Updated and accurate corporate records for nine companies were required by their lawyers – within three days.

Undaunted, we set to work making a detailed assessment of the company’s requirements, and carrying out a full audit of each company’s records.

We allocated appropriate resources and transferred the companies’ manual historical records onto our own secretariat database, before performing a full comparison with the data held at Companies House. A list of issues were identified and submitted speedily to the client – together with recommended solutions. All these issues were resolved, and the records were forwarded to the lawyers in time to make the deadline.

Company Secretariat, Throgmorton: “Sometimes deadlines can be very short – that’s just the nature of things. At Throgmorton we try to provide calm heads – and we were able to help this company through a very challenging task. They were grateful for a job well done, and we received good feedback from the lawyers – they were impressed with the presentation of the data and the efficiency of the service.”

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"..Most importantly, their team is knowledgeable, efficient and extremely committed to excellent client service.."