A company new to the UK

When a successful US hedge fund made the decision to establish a UK business, one of its first acts was to approach Throgmorton.

With the partners and COO new to the UK, this country’s employment legislation was a completely unfamiliar area. The hedge fund manager wanted our expertise in establishing best working practices to ensure that they were meeting all UK legislative requirements.

This resulted in the production of a handbook containing all statutory policies and procedures as well as information that complemented this client’s specific business requirements and goals.

With its UK operation now well-established here, we have continued to work with the hedge fund manager, providing ongoing support and guidance to ensure that their office is run smoothly on a daily basis.


Throgmorton: “Expanding into new territories is a business challenge – and it can also be a huge administrative headache. At Throgmorton, we’re able to guide companies through the necessary process - and supply the pro-active expertise that will make a real difference to an organisation.”

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"..Most importantly, their team is knowledgeable, efficient and extremely committed to excellent client service.."