Incorporating a company

A law firm came to us on behalf of one of their clients. They wanted to incorporate a new company, and provided a suggested name.

Our first task therefore was to check the availability of this name with Companies House. We drafted incorporation forms using Throgmorton’s nominee entities, along with Articles of Association. We sent the forms electronically to Companies House via our in-house software.

Having received notification from Companies House that the company was incorporated, we advised the client of this, including the details of the registration number, date of incorporation, director and secretary, shareholder and registered office. We asked for confirmation as to who was to be appointed as Director, Company Secretary and members, along with personal details of the directors and/or secretary to complete the Companies House paperwork and to register the new appointments.

This then allowed us to draft the first minutes confirming incorporation, new appointments, resignations and transfer of the subscriber share.

All these details were entered on our database, through which the various Companies House forms were filed electronically. Thereafter we produced the company registers (directors, secretaries and members) which were used to make up the Statutory Books of the new entity.

Company Secretariat, Throgmorton: “Having taken this new company through the incorporation process, we continue to provide it with services as it develops and grows. These include the use of our business address as its registered office and advice on company law matters. Throgmorton has been appointed as the company's formal Company Secretary.”

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