Increasing efficiencies and controls

One of our key strengths as a provider is the ability to bring in additional expertise to an ongoing contract – when and where a client requires it.

We had been working with one client – a hedge fund, fund of funds and private equity manager- for over three years. Our major roles included carrying out the maintenance of accounting records, undertaking complex management reporting and providing company secretarial services – often to tight deadlines.

Keen to increase efficiencies and controls within the company, its management approached us for help, a task which required the creation of an accounting policy and procedures document, fixed asset reconciliations and the analysis of possible rechargeable expenses to our client’s investee companies.

We drafted a detailed document accordingly, encompassing all elements of our client’s accounting entries, with examples. By carefully preparing the document in a simple and readable format, we ensured that anyone could assimilate sufficient knowledge to prepare our client’s management accounts.

Our fixed asset reconciliation identified several assets no longer in existence and made the client aware of how quickly or slowly assets were deemed obsolete. This helped our client to better predict future cash outflows, as well as more accurately account for their fixed assets. And our research into possible rechargeable expenses flagged up many areas where the business had been losing potential revenues, and highlighted to the client future savings and reduction of costs within the company.

Throgmorton: “It’s always rewarding when you see the difference that you’ve made to a client’s business – especially when you feel that you’ve helped them to greater success in the future.”  

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"..Most importantly, their team is knowledgeable, efficient and extremely committed to excellent client service.."