Outsourcing the financial controller role

The downturn in the market has left companies looking closely at their staffing levels. One such company was a private equity firm, in a dilemma about the position of financial controller. They had identified a person to employ, and certainly needed this role to be fulfilled, but they could not justify the position on a full-time basis.

Having approached Throgmorton for advice, the company was presented with an ideal solution for them. We would provide the client with a highly experienced financial controller and junior accountant, working on a daily basis.

This would prevent a big financial commitment from arising, whilst we looked after tasks such as invoice processing, payment runs, bookkeeping, monthly management accounts, quarterly FCA and VAT reports, the preparation of financial statements and liaising with the clients’ auditors.

With Throgmorton taking over responsibility for the reporting requirements of the firm, the management could focus on what it did best.

Throgmorton: “By working on a per diem basis, we naturally provided better value for this firm. But we were also able to bring varying levels of expertise to what was previously a single-person role, enabling our client to reduce their overheads significantly.”

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"..Most importantly, their team is knowledgeable, efficient and extremely committed to excellent client service.."