Expatriate tax management

With a significant number of US expatriate employees, our client – the London office of a major US investment manager – needed help with maintaining UK and US tax and social security compliance.

This is a common requirement for firms in this position, and we immediately set about devising robust frameworks that would protect the business from the consequences of non-compliance, whilst relieving both employer and staff of much of the associated administrative burden.

To support this, we put together a programme of arrival and departure consultations and information packages, to ensure that all employees understood their UK and US tax positions and could comply with their obligations in both jurisdictions.

On an ongoing basis, we assist by preparing the UK tax returns, co-ordinating the return information with the payroll and employee benefit information that we maintain.  We have also sourced an appropriate US Tax specialist with whom we co-ordinate the global positions and manage the submission of all returns on a timely basis.

We proactively advise on applicable expatriate tax planning opportunities, and look to mitigate the employer and employee global tax position. We also process applications for certificates of coverage, so that US employees continue to contribute to their own Social Security system and are freed from contributing to the UK National Insurance system.

Throgmorton: “Employing expatriate staff does cause administration and compliance issues – to address them, you need resources, know-how and a meticulous approach. That’s why outsourcing in this area is sensible, and makes good financial sense for many businesses.”

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