Our Clients

Throgmorton specialises in the Financial Services sector, which has formed the cornerstone of our business from day one.

Our client base contains some of the best known and most respected names in the alternative investment space, in both the UK and the US.

We have a significant number of hedge fund managers and private equity clients, as well as corporate finance boutiques, traditional investment managers, broker/dealer operations and a growing list of other clients from within and without of the financial services sector.

Some clients are small operations, fresh from start-up; others are established, successful SME’s or companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. All understand the value that outsourcing can bring. They trust us to work effectively; to undertake process tasks with precision; to innovate as challenges arise; and to be there at their side as an experienced and flexible business partner.

On our part, we make it our concern to attain a deep understanding of our clients’ business. We provide individually tailored solutions, and don’t expect our clients to have to ‘fit in’ with the way we do things. We like our clients to view us as they would an internal resource – and we don’t want them to notice the seams.

Our testimonials and case studies will help you to build a picture of Throgmorton as central to our clients' success. Or contact us to talk about how your organisation could benefit from our involvement.

Read our  business charter to see how we conduct ourselves as an organisation. It’s a point-by-point commitment to the values we hold, and key to how we generate success for our client base.