Excluded Property Trusts: the changes accountants should know about

Excluded Property Trusts have traditionally been used as atrust-based inheritance tax planning arrangements for individuals who areresident in the UK but who are not yet domiciled within the UK. However, recentchanges to the legislation have resulted in further possible inheritance taxcharges for this form of trust.

This month, Leila Allger, Head of Private Client Tax atThrogmorton UK Limited (An Apex Group Company) writes for Accountancy Today,discussing the benefits and uses of Excluded Property Trusts and the newchanges that accountants need to be taking into consideration.

Leila answers the questions the industry are askingincluding:

  • What are Excluded Property Trusts (EPTs)?
  • What are the tax benefits of EPTs?
  • What are the recent changes to EPTs?
  • What do accountants need to do in response to these changes?

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