Important Client Notice – Action Required

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To reduce costs, HMRC has announced that they are to stop copying various documents to tax agents.

In order to keep your tax affairs up to date, it is now essential that you forward to us any of the following notices as we will not receive these directly from HMRC:

  • P2 - PAYE coding notices
  • P800 - Tax calculation
  • P810 - Targeted review form
  • SA 250 – Notice of requirement to file a tax return
  • SA 251 – Notice that tax returns are not required
  • SA 252 - Letter to those who don’t submit a tax return but are liable to higher rate

11 October 2010

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The information in this notice is intended for general guidance only. Throgmorton does not accept any responsibility for losses incurred to any person acting or refraining to act as a result of the information in this notice. Advice should be taken in the context of specific circumstances.