Microsoft Azure Migration

What is happening?

As part of our ongoing investment in technology we are consolidating our existing infrastructure onto a cloud platform set up within Microsoft Azure.

Why we are doing this?

The delivery of a centralised cloud solution will:

• migrate our applications and data onto servers owned and only accessible by us, thus reducing our reliance on third parties;
• enhance our resilience in the event there is a systems outage; and
• provide an efficient foundation on which we can support future growth.

How will data be protected?

Data will be securely encrypted at rest in line with industry standard and we will continue to ensure that users will only be able to access the information and applications that are necessary for Throgmorton to continue to deliver a secure and efficient service to you.

When is it happening?

The migration to the cloud is currently planned to take place over the weekend of 5th,6th & 7th May.

How it will happen?

To migrate our IT environment we will:

• build the required infrastructure in the Link Asset Services cloud
• move the relevant applications and data across from our existing infrastructure
• securely copy and synchronise data (this will be completed over the ‘go live’ weekend)
• undertake thorough system and user testing prior to going live.

What will change?

Following migration to the Azure cloud your data will be securely held in our cloud in the Netherlands with some data being replicated to Dublin for disaster recovery purposes.  The hosting of data in both jurisdictions is compliant with FCA rules and the upcoming GDPR legislation.

Who do I contact if I have any queries regarding the information in this email?

If you have any questions regarding the information contained in this mail please contact:

David Williams   +44 (0) 118 921 1 387 /
03 April 2018

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