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Orb Employee Benefits was created with a clear objective: to provide advice on benefits provision that meets the exacting standards demanded by an increasingly competitive and professional corporate sector. This has become a specialist area of financial services, particularly given a backdrop of fast-changing pension regulation.

Successful delivery of sound corporate benefits advice depends not only upon total familiarity with current and upcoming pension, tax, employment law and regulation but also upon deep knowledge of the financial markets and product providers. It also requires a full understanding of each client’s specific needs.

At Orb, we firmly believe that every client deserves a benefits package that is unique to them – a bespoke solution, not something off-the-peg. We take the time to listen to COO, HR directors and their teams before we present them with employee benefits design options and recommendations. From the outset, throughout the implementation stages and beyond, we show the highest levels of commitment, communication and client service.
We see our key strengths as:

  • Partnership – we strive to understand your business needs and develop an understanding of your culture. Knowing you better enables our experienced specialists to suggest solutions to motivate your people.
  • Independence – we can recommend solutions involving products selected from the entire market, ensuring that your needs are met on terms that offer excellent value as well as quality and suitability.
  • Communication – the best results are achieved through mutual understanding. We listen to and learn from clients, enabling them and us to talk to their employees collectively or one-to-one about their benefits package.

For further information please contact Geraint Williams on +44 (0)845 013 8709 or visit www.orb-eb.co.uk  

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"..Most importantly, their team is knowledgeable, efficient and extremely committed to excellent client service.."