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IPAF (Bermuda) Ltd

Industry Professionals serving as non-executive directors to Alternative Funds

IPAF has a panel of individuals (both offshore and in the UK) who are available to serve as non-executive directors to alternative funds. All available directors are industry professionals and have worked in the alternative funds industry for many years; they also have considerable experience of the corporate governance of funds and their management companies.

Alternative funds require high-calibre non-executive directors to represent the shareholders’ interests. IPAF was formed in response to the need for independent directors with significant hands-on experience of the industry and the commitment to offer real service to the funds on whose boards they serve.

IPAF also believes in personal responsibility and accountability: any director chosen from IPAF’s available list will contract with the fund on a personal basis.

For further information please contact Caroline Hoare on +44 (0) 7796 264 759 or email info@ipafgroup.com  

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