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Behind Every Cloud was formed in 2010 to meet market demand for clarity, choice and control in a rapidly evolving, over hyped and confusing London IT cloud services market. We provide specialised expert consultancy and the Clover™ Cloud Vendor Rating product suite to greatly assist mid-tier organisations to maximize the benefit taken from cloud services, whilst de-risking and expediting cloud IT vendor sourcing in the UK market. Our approachable, highly experienced, independent, commercially savvy specialist "Virtual CTO" level consultancy and Vendor Selection services are customised to meet the needs of Investment Management and Private Equity businesses that are considering a move to cloud computing, virtual desktop or cloud based telephony platforms.

Focus areas for BEC advice and consultancy include:

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment;
  • Strategic Advice and Planning;
  • Cost Benefit Analysis;
  • Business Case Development and Presentation;
  • Vendor Due Diligence and Vendor Selection;
  • Contract Establishment;
  • Transition Management; and
  • Ongoing Vendor Management.

For further details visit the website at www.behindeverycloud.co.uk or contact as follows:
(p) +44 333 577 0016 (e) info@behindeverycloud.co.uk

The extremely well researched Clover™ Cloud Vendor Rating portal at www.cloudclover.co.uk is quickly becoming the benchmark of choice for fast track vendor selection in our focus niches. Our vision is to become the Dun & Bradstreet™ equivalent for cloud services IaaS vendor reporting. The Clover™ product suite enables your business to quickly and affordably gain experienced, niche specialized, independent, factual and commercially savvy analysis of a wide range of cloud vendors offerings against the specific needs of your business. Our proprietary Clover™ Cloud Vendor Rating database contains over 120 key data metrics provided by more than 50 vendors; expertly analysed against the niche requirements of Investment Management and Private Equity firms. 

For further details visit the website at www.cloudclover.co.uk or contact as follows:

(p) +44 333 577 0016 (e) info@cloudclover.co.uk


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