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Cummings is a boutique law firm specialising in funds and fund management, offering a dedicated, bespoke legal service. Cummings also provides legal advice on financings, both secured and unsecured.

For over a decade Cummings has been offering specialised legal advice for start-ups, existing funds and fund managers.

Our highly responsive, client-orientated attitude enables us to respond to client needs swiftly and offers a fast turnaround of documents. We closely develop both the fund and the fund management entities to ensure arrangements work on all levels, and suit investment and management requirements.

We have trading, dealing and commercial experience and combine this with our legal expertise to give informed and commercially practical advice on a full range of legal and regulatory issues including:

  • fund structuring in multiple jurisdictions 
  • fund management entity structuring 
  • trading and brokerage documentation, including prime brokerage, custody and derivative agreements 
  • regulatory issues and FCA applications 
  • third party marketing agreements and arrangements 
  • ownership and seeding arrangements

For further information please visit www.cummingslaw.com  

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"..Most importantly, their team is knowledgeable, efficient and extremely committed to excellent client service.."