The Financial Services sector has formed the cornerstone of our business from day one.

Our directors and management team share extensive experience in this industry area, having held senior-level posts within world-leading investment banks and major accounting firms. When Throgmorton was founded in 1999, it was only natural that the Financial Services sector would look upon our offering with interest. A decade later, we have the reputation of being one of the leading outsourcing companies to the SME Financial Services sector.

Within Financial Services, we have built track records within a number of sub-sectors of the market, and are well-versed in the regulatory and financial reporting environments specific to each one.

Much of what we do translates to value added services to the wider business community. As a result we have an ever increasing stable of non-financial clients.

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Apex Group

Throgmorton is part of the Apex Group, a global financial services provider that offers a full suite of tailored services to meet your requirements. Use the links below to find out more about related products offered by Apex Group.

Our specialists have considerable experience from their previous senior positions at Salomon Brothers, Citigroup, Bankers Trust, NatWest Global Financial Markets, Credit Suisse First Boston and with the top accounting firms. Ourbiographies will tell you more.