Hedge Fund Managers

Since inception, Throgmorton has provided support to a significant number of hedge fund managers starting up in the UK.

In addition we have assisted many such managers in the transition from being embedded in larger organisations to creating their own unique business environment.

As well as start ups, we have seen a notable number of US centric hedge funds establishing operations in the UK. These managers have generally been substatntial US organisations seeking a knowledgeable business partner to assist them to build their European operation. As our focus is on the investment manager we are not in any way restricted by the type of funds these businesses manage.

Our expertise in dealing with a large number of such firms in the UK allows us to provide any new client with a great deal of practical knowledge and best practice.

Browse ourcase studies to see a representative sample of our work. You’ll note that a high proportion of our client base consists of hedge fund managers – we know your business area well.

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"..Most importantly, their team is knowledgeable, efficient and extremely committed to excellent client service.."