Private Equity

Throgmorton and its management team have many years experience of the private equity arena. 

As well as looking after the accounting and administration needs of regulated private equity managers, we have managed the set up and long term administration of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) used by PE funds as conduits for making their investments. This involves, amongst other things, legal entity incorporations, management of statutory registers, providing nominee directors, bookkeeping, financial management and financial statement preparation.

We also provide outsourced accounting, financial management, supplier invoice payment, company secretarial and HR support directly to the investee companies that are controlled by fund vehicles. 

A private equity firm’s structure can include a multitude of different entities including the long established GP/LP fund, LLPs, Scottish LPs and carry vehicles. These complex structures can give rise to a number of administrational and taxation issues.
VAT and partial exemption, for example, can be notoriously difficult areas to clarify and agree upon with HMRC given the long term nature of fund investment holdings and their eventual sales. Our VAT knowledge and expertise has been material in agreeing beneficial partial exemption methods with HMRC thereby generating real and material cost savings for our clients. 
We say more about our good standing within the financial services sector on the 
our clients page. This section also includes a number of testimonials and case studies.
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"..Most importantly, their team is knowledgeable, efficient and extremely committed to excellent client service.."