Company Secretarial

Providing outsourced support for the company secretarial function formed the core of our service offering when we founded Throgmorton, over a decade ago.

Today, it remains a major part of our business. Our respected company secretarial team offers a wealth of experience gained from many years in this area.

We offer high-quality advice and guidance on all company secretarial matters, and will keep you up-to-date with legislative changes and best-practice recommendations that may affect your business.

We can ensure that your responsibilities as Directors and/or Shareholders are discharged, can attend meetings in the capacity of ‘Company Secretary’ and can relieve you of an immense amount of administration – from minutes, to reports, to resolutions, and general routine filings.

Among the individual company secretarial services that we can offer you:

  • Entity incorporations (including same day)
  • Preparing board minutes, resolutions and statutory forms
  • Making amendments to Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Changes to share capital
  • Filing your statutory documents (annual returns, accounts etc.) at Companies House
  • Creating and/or maintaining statutory registers, minute books and share certificates
  • Acting as your formal Company Secretary
  • Providing your registered office address and facilities
  • Attending meetings, either with you, or on your behalf
  • Maintaining your company secretarial data on our electronic database
  • Apostille and Notary services
  • Certificates from Companies House

Naturally every company has different requirements. For an initial discussion about your own needs with one of our company secretarial consultants call 0207 332 0973 or e-mail Philip Hedditch

Alongside day-to-day support, we’re well-used to being presented with urgent requirements – often very demanding ones. This case study  "An urgent contract deadline"  is a good example – our client’s lawyers required updated corporate records for nine companies within three days.
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"..Most importantly, their team is knowledgeable, efficient and extremely committed to excellent client service.."