VAT Services

VAT is a complicated and continually-evolving area.

In common with other taxes, businesses are impacted by new guidance and changes to the UK VAT rules. But VAT is also an EU-wide tax, and litigation at an EU level has often resulted in additional UK VAT reporting and administrative requirements, obligations and, at times, opportunities.

This adds to the ever-increasing compliance and administrative burden on SME’s – where resources are limited – and, too often, matters require the input of a specialist VAT team.

This is where Throgmorton can help you.

Providing both expert advice and practical, hands-on assistance, our integrated team of accountants and VAT specialists will work with you to ensure that your VAT returns are prepared efficiently – and that your obligations, risks and opportunities are identified and managed appropriately.

We can also assist in reviewing business activities and transactions on a deal by deal basis in order to mitigate any potential costs arising. Our VAT specialists are also experienced in co-ordinating VAT issues with external advisers, such as solicitors and accountants. 

Our range of VAT-related services includes: 

  • The submission of registration applications
  • The preparation of, and on-line submission of, monthly/quarterly returns and EC Sales Lists
  • Reviewing contractual VAT clauses
  • Attending VAT inspections
  • Carrying out VAT reviews
  • Negotiating and agreeing partial exemption methods
  • UK VAT reclaims for non-UK businesses
  • Non-UK VAT reclaims for UK businesses 

To talk through how Throgmorton can help you in this specialist field, please contact Daniel Kerry on 0118 939 3200. 

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